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This is Us

Daniela Selir, Reflections 4, Acrylic  Winner 2019 NWAC RGB small

North West Art Circle 2020

Janelle Low & Eden Menta. small



KATRIN TERTON Beyond Sight - Driftsongs details2 small

Beyond Sight


 Modern Sublime

 Modern Sublime

Bryony, 2019, UART sanded pastel paper 

Life Lines

Cheryl Sims, Stuff, 2019, encaustic on board  

 Finding Place


Images_Joel Parkinson (1)

RACT Insurance Tasmanian Portraiture Price 2019 


Olly Red

Serene and Menacing


Daryl Rogers

Rust, Resin and Reality


Anne OConnor, Tears, Statistics, A Swallow Falls, 2019, photograph. Image courtesy of the artist.


Tricky Walsh, the omega point, 2019, gouache and watercolour on paper  


Joey Gracia, Green Day 2, digital prints on paper 

The Natural Estate  

1. Tom Samek


Threads of Childhoods Past

Threads of Childhoods Past  


On Belonging(s) 

On Belonging(s) 


As Far As The Eye Can See 

As Far As The Eye Can See 



 Placing Thing Kelly Austin 

Placing Things: Kelly Austin


Del Kathryn Barton: The Nightingale and the Rose

ACMI Touring Exhibition 



Facing our past

Facing Our Past, The Robinson Youth Takeover


NWAC 2018 Winner - 2019 Poster
North West Art Circle Annual Exhibition 2019



In Your Words, The Robinson Collection 


Tidal 18 



From Here To There 

From Here To There

Kelly Slater Mersey Bluff

Mersey Bluff: The marks that makes the place


Play On: The art of sport


North West Art Circle Annual Exhibition 2018




New Alchemists 'There is no abstract art...'  National Photographic Portrait Prize 2017  Not Without a Trace 





RACT Insurance

Tasmanian Portraiture Prize 2017 

 Troy Ruffels: Between Fire and Flood 

Past & Present Tense: 20 Years of the

Robinson Collection


 Tony Ameneiro: Head Over Head



Fall_of_the_Valley_Kings_Oil_on_linen_2016  Richard_Bell_5-sm
PORTAL 2017  North West Art Circle 2017 Annual Exhibition
& Jenny Overton: History
A decolonial geographic Giving Voice: The Art of Dissent
Hidden_Gallery_Brain_Foetus._Photo_-_Kelly_Slater  JulieFragar_Antonio_Departs_Flores_on_the_Whaling_Tide_2016_Oil_on_board_122_x_162_cm_sm_1  orange_chair_side_bg[1]_Ryan_Pennings Lisa_Garland_Fred_2016_gicle_print_from_scanned_film_negative
Hidden Gallery  Tidal: 16 Shapeshifters: 3D Printing the Future Lisa Garland: Still Reverence (2016 Solo Commission)
Lyons_family_Home_Hill_circa_1935_Digital_print_from_original_glass_negative_0005_small Jennifer_G_Frost_Wilderness_Walk_2016_mixed_media The_doctors_dilemma Colony
The Lyons Share & Press North West Art Circle Annual Exhibition 2016 Katherine Hattam: Desire First 1978–2015 Anne Morrison: Preservation & Loss
 12_x_16_AUDREY_PANGAS_Audreys_baby_on_the_floor_of_her_bedroom_Gawler 5__Patrick_Grieve  A_World_Apart... TB_6_b_cropped
PORTAL 2016 40 Years of Collecting: DCC Permanent Collection RACT Insurance Tasmanian Portraiture Prize 2015 Hunt Nature Birth: Tara Badcock 2015 Solo Commission
Deborah Conroy Lisa Garland Andrew Cowen Troy Ruffels

North West Art Circle 2015


National Photographic Portrait Prize 2014

Tidal 2014


Pat Brassington 


Colin Langridge  Moon

Bodywork: Australian Jewellery 1970–2012

Pat Brassington: À Rebours  Others: Colin Langridge 2014 Solo Commission Fashion Fancies: Textiles from the Moon Collection





North West Art Circle

Windows to the Sacred Bea Maddock's Leaving a Mountain  Coastal: Outdoor Photographs from the Robinson Collection
Collector Project 10: Slippage  Alex Davern  Ross Byers  Amanda Davies
The Collector Project 10: Slippage 

RACT Insurance 2013 Tasmanian

Portraiture Prize 

 Transit: Ross Byers 2013 Solo Commission

Recent Acquisitions from the

Permanent Collection

NWAC  testing ground tile  rosemary o'rourke  viv breheney
North West Art Circle  Testing Ground   felt presence Viv Breheney Prints and Paintings 1992 - 2012
Paul Snell  Laura Hindmarsh  Alexia Sinclair  Dreamweavers
TIDAL 12  RACT Insurance Tasmanian Portraiture Prize Homage: The Royal Dozen & The Regal Twelve  Dreamweavers

Marion Green

ed king Dales Richards mpd

North West Art Circle Annual Exhibition 

Moving Parts

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

missing presumed dead

 lucy bleach  RACT julie gough   7th Leica

Lucy Bleach - Local Colour

RACT Youth Portrait Prize

Julie Gough - Rivers Run

7th Leica Touring Show

 Before the Move thumbnail Dis-covery NWAC  Tales from Suburbia 

Before the Move: works from
the Permanent Collection


North West Art Circle

Tales from Suburbia

 Christopher Pyett: symphony in colour  tidal 2010  from within thumbnail  

Christopher Pyett: symphony in colour

Tidal: City of Devonport Art Award 2010

From Within

In Partnership

Liz Williamson Sounds of Silence Thumb  NWAC Youth Art Exhibition 

Liz Williamson Textiles:
Masters of Australian Craft

Sounds of Silence:
Photographs from the Robinson Collection

North West Art Circle

Youth Art Exhibition 2010 
North West Tasmania

Raymond Arnold: Western Tasmanian Paintings Anne Zahalka   Close - Distance

One to One: Van Wonderland, 
Wrapped and Reflected Memories

Raymond Arnold: Western
Tasmanian Paintings

Hall of Mirrors: Anne Zahalka
Portraits 1987 - 2007

Close - Distance

 RACT  Al Fresco: New Art from Tasmania  North West Art Circle

 Changing Places: Focus on Tasmania

RACT Insurance 2009
Tasmanian Youth Portraiture Prize

 Al Fresco: New Art
from Tasmania

North West Art Circle  

 Changing Places:
Focus on Tasmania

re-earthing thumbnail   Les Blakebrough: Ceramics  Tidal 2008 winner thumbnail  thumbnail of parallel image

Re-Earthing: Contemporary
Aboriginal Art

Les Blakebrough: Ceramics 

Tidal 2008:
City of Devonport Art Award


art lab thumbnail  Geometric Nature thumbnail   lecia thumbnail  Installation shot 'The Great communicator'

Art Lab 2008 

Geometric Nature 

Sixth Leica/CCP
Documentary Photography Award

Hard Love

Sculpture by   Artwork by Mish Myers  Photograph from 'road to here' 


From an Island South

Sweet Observations
of an Interior World

The Road to Here 

Installation Image from 'Subtle Ether'  Painting, by Jamin Painting by Patrick Grieve   Photograph from New Deities

The Subtle Ether 

First we take Paris,
then we take the World


 New Deities:
The Cult of Celebrity

painting by Alan Young  Painting by jon Cattapan Painting by Jonathan Kimberly and Jim Everett   Painting from Tidal 06

Collecting For
Tasmania II 

Intimate and Distant Landscapes 

Meenamatta Lena
Narla Puellakany

Tidal 06   



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