Friday 2 May - Sunday 1 June 2008
Curator: Colin Langridge
Artists: Thomas Bachler, Andrew Dewhurst, Richard Giblett, David Martin, Todd McMillan, Ali Sanderson, Richard Wastell



Liminal explored the concept of the space in-between definite categories of being. A common example of this is the daily rising and setting of the sun - a space in-between day and night.

Artists who use the rising or setting sun in their work were brought together in this exhibition which looked beyond this subject as something which is simply beautiful or symbolic of death or the afterlife to address more contemporary themes such as global warming.

The exhibition focussed on the idea of the ‘limen', which refers to the first stage or the threshold and is the initial, very subtle point of stimulation to produce a response. This is when we have just become aware of a change in state. It is the space in-between where difference touches the familiar that opens us up to new possibilities.

Liminal, Catalogue


Liminal 1 Liminal 2
Todd McMillan, 2005, Study for a Drowning Man, DVD, 4.39min Liminal, Installation image, Devonport Regional Gallery
Liminal 3 Liminal 4
Ali Sanderson, Spewtiful, 2006, DVD, 3.28min Thomas Bachler, 2007, Sunrises and Sunsets series, colour print, 50 x 70cm



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