Friday 12 October - Sunday 11 November 2007
Artist: Samantha Clarke


'The Subtle Ether' was not directly observed by the Enlightenment scientists who described it so eloquently. It was deduced to exist, invented really, because it was needed to explain other observable phenomena. It was presumed to be so fine a substance as to pass undetected through the molecules of entire planets like a breeze through a forest, and yet glutinous enough to plug the gaps in our understanding of physical reality.

This exhibition brought together a series of video, installation and graphic works by Scottish artist Sam Clark, which explored the fertile gap between things, and the meanings we project into that space.

Clark researched and developed The Subtle Ether during a residency at Wysing Arts Centre, Bourn, Cambridge in 2004 and 2005 which was part of a programme promoting exchange between artists and scientists, funded by the Regional Arts Lottery Programme. The exhibition was shown at CAST Gallery, Hobart, prior to touring to Devonport Regional Gallery.

Subtle Ether, Catalogue


subtle ether 1 subtle ether 2
Samantha Clarke, 2007,
From the series Froth,
Pencil drawing
Samantha Clarke, 2005, Cloud Chamber,
Dacron stuffing and nylon thread,
Installation view IAAB, Basel
subtle ether 3 subtle ether 4
 Samantha Clarke, 2005-07, Levitation, Video still Subtle Ether, Installation image, Devonport Regional Gallery


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