March 19 - April 17
Opening Friday 18 March, 2pm in conjunction with Ten Days on the Island
Ten Days on the Island 25 March – 3 April
Tales from Suburbia: Photographs from the Robinson Collection


Link to The Advocate Newpaper website featuring Tales from Suburbia slideshow


Curator Alison Savage 
Irretrievable Light
Installation by Brett Martin      



Tales from Suburbia Brett Martin
Detail from 'road to here' Robinson Exhibition,
2007 B& W photographs 
Brett Martin - Irretrievable Light

Tales from Suburbia was an exhibition about place. It was a story that celebrated the past and the present, the commonplace and the unique; viewing Devonport through the lens of the Robinson Collection.

The notion of ‘suburbia’ is a relatively new construct, one at times burdened by cultural cringe or derision, but the suburbs are as much a part of Tasmanian social fabric as our natural environment.


Tales from Suburbia extends beyond the confines of the gallery space and invited viewers to walk through Devonport’s inner suburbs, to see what this place meant to the people that call it home.
Photographs, once isolated from their surroundings, are again returned to their original settings, albeit within an altered context.
Viewers will discover buildings little changed by time, and others that have seemingly just surfaced. Yet this selected tour of Devonport’s inner suburbs will not divulge all of the city’s secrets.
The viewer’s own personal understandings and histories will reveal treasures along the way, details once hidden, tales of suburbia once forgotten - now retold.

Tales from Suburbia trail map

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