Friday 29 June - Sunday 29 July 2007
Curator: Catherine Wolfhagen
Artists: Emily Hunt & Raquel Welch, Jonathan Nichols, Grant Stevens, Monika Tichacek, John Vella, Tiffany Winterbottom and Paul Wrigley



New Deities brought together the work of eight Australian artists who address the cult of celebrity in their art practice. The exhibition explored the notion that celebrities have come to represent the new deities of a modern society, creating a new religion. While some of the artists approached the subject of celebrity with reference to their own lives and aspirations, others satirised the recognisable ‘victims' of what is often a short-lived moment of fame.

New Deities: art and the cult of celebrity, Catalogue


Painting Photograph

Paul Wrigley, 2007, p'diddy (detail), 
Synthetic polymer paint on canvas,
168 x 107cm

Monica Tichacek, 2002,
Lineage of the Divine #9
Production still, DVD, 21:30min

Collage Photograph
Emily Hunt and Raquel Welch, 2007,
I'm a celebrity, get me outta here! (detail),
Multi media collage, 94 x 184cm
Tiffany Winterbottom, 2007.
Girls night out in photoshoot 
Digital print, 160 x 120cm



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