EXHIBITION: 6 – 28 MAY, 2017



Devonport Regional Gallery presents the community exhibition, PORTAL, featuring 62 photographs from residents and visitors in Tasmania’s North West captured on Saturday 8 April 2017.

The community photography project captures 24 hours of coastal living through the lenses of people across the North West. Participants were encouraged to register their involvement through the Gallery’s website prior to Capture Day on 8 April – of which 88 registrations were collected. Participants were then asked to capture any moment from their day on Saturday 8 April from across the North West. Photographs were received from Temma to Squeaking Point and at various times across the 24 hour period.

PORTAL provides us with a glimpse of life in this small corner of the world and celebrates the things and experiences we enjoy, cherish and love. Above all, PORTAL is a project about place – the places we inhabit and the places we explore. Place is integral to our identity and these photographs which have captured fleeting ordinary moments in our day, provide an insight into our identity through the places we call home and the places that lure us in.” – Dianne Sheehan, Education & Public Programs Officer, Devonport Regional Gallery

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2017 Submissions

7_x_12_Kerry_Forrest_5.50_Burnie Kerry Forrest, 5.50, Burnie
9_x_12_Lissie_Rustage_6.33_Doctors_Rocks._Waiting_for_the_sun_to_rise_over_the_farm_with_Oscar_and_Bella Lissie Rustage, 6.33, Doctors Rocks
Waiting for the sun to rise over the farm with Oscar and Bella

Chris-Brier-Mills, Quoiba
Sunrise on the Mersey River from Quoiba, looking towards East Devonport

9_x_12_Ashleigh_Butler_8.30_Devonport._Architecture_over_Jetty Ashleigh Butler, 8.30, Devonport
Architecture over Jetty
Hopeful Promise: This image captures a moment that reflects my journey
and relationship to the town of Devonport that I now call my home. I am always finding
something new, interesting and beautiful in this town that inspires me both personally and artistically to see the world in new ways and stay positive as there is always a hopeful promise of sunshine.
9_x_12_Ian_Foster_7.00_Ulverstone._Leven_River_and_the_glowing_Ulverstone_Bridge_before_the_rains_came Ian Foster, 7.00, Ulverstone
Ulverstone wharf, showing the Leven River and glowing Ulverstone bridge before the rains came.

Craig Soward, 8.50, Forthside
My photo is of a cropping scene, with green beans in the foreground and carrots in the distance, a reflection on the importance of agriculture along the North-West Coast.


Judy O'Neil, Devonport
Spirit in the Mist
This photo depicts the misty, cool temperatures of the day, whilst the passengers on board The Spirit were enjoying the cosy warmth of a delightful interior.


Stephanie Tuckett, 8.56, Hawley Beach
The photo portrays our changing vista from minute to minute displaying the sun' s ability to be a natural spotlight


Kelly Slater, 8.05, Railton
Manning the Fire Brigade Easter Raffle Stall
Railton is busy place first thing Saturday morning, the local volunteer fire officers, get to catch up for a chin wag and sell a few raffle tickets to the market goes and newspaper buyers outside the Post Office.

 8_x_12_Dana_Sallese_10.00_Acacia_Hills Dana Sallese, 10.00, Acacia Hills
My 5-year-old daughter Gabi getting ready for dance class, and then a 1st Birthday party (she was very excited)!
 9_x_12_Shane_Warren_9.00_Devonport Shane Warren, 9.00, East Devonport
Shades of Grey
We were waiting for the Spirit to depart as we had friends on board.
 9_x_12_Ineke_Davis_9.00_Ambleside Ineke Davis, 9.00, Ambleside
Beautiful Flower 
Katerina Papas, 10.30, Devonport
Getting kids off technology can be difficult, even more so on a grey, rainy day!
 6_x_8_Georgie_McKie_14.00_Spreyton Georgie McKie, 14.00, Spreyton
Watching the Davis Cup doubles match

Sue Slatter, 11.30, Rocky Cape
Anniversary Bay looking back towards Smithton
We had just stopped walking and my brother Richard needed a drink.  Six of us did a circuit walk from Sisters Beach to Anniversary Bay and back. The weather was wonderful for walking but the rain started about 5 minutes after this photo was taken. 


Madeline Aulich, 10.00, Lillico
Looking to the world from the inside out, rather than the outside looking in.

 9_x_12_Jasmine_Peterson_9.00_Mersey_Bluff_Devonport  Jasmine Peterson, 9.00, Devonport

Cory Clarke, 12:35, Latrobe
Our children appear so innocent, so curious yet so small, their hearts and minds are full of wonder as they view our world so tall. A family adventure to Anvers bringing so much joy, from chocolate tasting, bouncing train and playing in the rain.


Judi Rustage, 11.53 Wynyard
Filling up for the weekend
One of those mundane things we all need to remember.

9_x_12_Louise_Murfet_11.30_Spreyton Louise Murfet, 11.30, Spreyton
Inside/ Outside, Reflection of an Autumn Day.
9_x_12_Josh_Arnott_11.30_Round_Hill_Burnie Josh Arnott, 11.30, Burnie
It was a really moody day so I decided to amplify this feeling using my Canon DSLR in conjunction with a soft grad ND filter.

Cheryl Sims, 13.00, Tarleton
A local workshop, linocut, enjoyed by all who attended

8_x_12_Marnie_Horton_13.30_Hellyer_Gorge._Walking_through_the_beginnings_of_autumn Marnie Horton, 13.30, Hellyer Gorge
Walking Through the Beginnings of Autumn
9_x_12_Lucy_Milne_13.00_Devonport._Afternoon_snuggles_before_work Lucy Milne, 13.00, Devonport
Afternoon Snuggles before work
9_x_12_Lesley_Proctor_Ambleside._Garden_Art Lesley Proctor, Ambleside
A bicycle from the TROLL Shop at Spreyton, given to me by my husband to be used as a piece of garden art.
7_x_12_Sue_Horton_13.30_Forth Sue Horton, 13.30, Forth
This is my two-year-old grandson Alex wanting to play nerf guns with his big brothers. He is still in his pyjamas as he didn’t want to miss too much of the action.

Tammy Milne, 13.09, Devonport
A busy morning
Rainy day


Wendy Cameron, 14.00, Don
Don walking track. I love the tea trees!

 7_x_12_Sophia_Brown_14.00_Devonport._A_rainbow_over_the_Mersey_I_saw_on_the_way_home_from_ballet Sophia Brown, 14.00, Devonport
A rainbow over the Mersey I saw on the way home from ballet
8_x_12_Vicki_Hefferon_13.48_The_Inglis_River_Wynyard Vicki Hefferon, 13.48, Inglis River
9_x_12_Vicki_Griffiths_14.00_Ulverstone Vicki Griffiths, 14.00, Ulverstone
At the Ulverstone Wharf, in between showers, my daughter Vienna is taking our border collie for a walk on the way to Eco Fest.
9_x_12_Leanne_Stott_14.12_Wynyard Leanne Stott, 14.12, Wynyard
Catholic Church Wynyard

Rachel Carden, 14.53, Penguin
On rainy days my husband and I like to go to our favourite coffee shop in Penguin; Renaessance. There we sit in the glass house area listening to the rain as we drink coffee and read books. To us, this is complete relaxation.

6_x_8_Ruby_Madeleine_Quarry_15.00_Don_Heads Ruby Madeleine Quarry, 15.00, Don Heads
My friend and I found a little orange starfish under some rocks on our walk at Don Heads.

Barbara Lea, 15.00, Squeaking Point
Man with his boat and a beautiful rainbow
I was talking to a man with his boat at Squeaking Point Jetty. He was waiting for the props he had ordered to get the boat going so he could take it to Queensland. It started to rain so he got his umbrella out and then the sun came out and the glorious rainbow.

 7_x_12_Kristin_Johnson_13.45_Upper_Burnie Kristin Johnson, 13.45, Burnie
It was raining and I was returning home. I saw a car sitting awkwardly in the middle of the road.
 9_x_12_Elizabeth_Ettlin_14.52_Tier_Hill_Smithton._Cattle_yards_in_the_back_paddock Elizabeth Ettlin, 14.52, Smithton
Cattle Yards in the Back Paddock

Peggy Hanlon, 15.35, Squeaking Point
Pumpkins in My Garden
This photo was taken while attending my Tasmanian native garden, where this self-sown pumpkin plant has been growing amongst some quirky garden ornaments.

Julie Argent, 15.15, Devonport
My daughter Tess has designed a dress. After cutting out her own pattern, and measuring/cutting the fabric, she is now sewing the fabric.
9_x_12_Rodney_Stagg_afternoon_Don Rodney Stagg, Don
The Devonport Lapidary Club has a workshop every Saturday morning which I usually attend and polish gemstones. The Agates are small chips and broken pieces but they still polish up very nicely.
9_x_12_Ella_Morse_15.05_Latrobe  Ella Morse 15:05, Latrobe
Setina Dale, 18.07, Port Sorell
Before the Storm
The jetty is a popular fishing spot. The dark and moody clouds are what I was attracted to on the day. I love a good storm, but this evening it was just the contrast and perception of a moody day.
9_x_12_Grant_Wells_16.15_Burnie._A_work_in_progress._The_end_of_day_clean_up Grant Wells, 16.15, Burnie
A work in progress. The end of day clean up.
7_x_12_Lars_Brown_17.00_Squeaking_Point._Photo_of_our_two_dogs_on_the_mudflats Lars Brown, 17.00, Squeaking Point
Our two dogs on the mudflats
9_x_12_Debbie_Clune_1 Deb Clune, 15.20, Port Sorell
Outside with the Dogs
9_x_12_Richard_Colbeck_Devonport._Remnants_of_Summer_-_lunch_at_Drift Richard Colbeck, Devonport
Remnants of Summer
Lunch at Drift.
 6_x_8_Heather_Warner_17.00_Forth Heather Warner, 17.00, Forth
Cattle raised by my family on the farm I grew up on, 60 years on.
9_x_12_Annie_Thurlow_17.00_Devonport._A_busy_day_on_the_Mersey Annie Thurlow, 17.00, Devonport
A busy day on the Mersey
I had just got in my car to drive home when I heard a toot and there was the British Navigator departing Devonport along with the pilot boat and a tug.
9_x_12_Jackson_Matthews_17.43._near_Devils_Gate_Dam Jackson Matthews, 17.43, Devils Gate Dam
I decided to go on an adventure on some back roads towards Lower Barrington, when this backdrop caught my eye. I couldn't drive past it, so I pulled over and ran across to the other side of the road. I'm big on car photography I had to have mine in there, I think it adds to the shot as it's the reason I was out there in the first place.
9_x_12_Hannah_Free_17.30_Coles_Beach_Devonport Hannah Free, 17.30, Coles Beach
I must get to the sea; mandatory beach visits no matter the temperature.  
6_x_8_Cheryl_Purton_16.00_North_Motton._Harry_our_beautiful_kelpie Cheryl Anne Purton, 16.00, North Motton
Harry, our beautiful kelpie
8_x_12_Brent_Scales_18.00_Burnie Brent Scales, 18.00, Burnie
Having a quick break before the last part or our trip home to Smithton.
9_x_12_Alayna_Whiteside_17.30_Guthridge_Gardens_Wynyard Alayna Whiteside, 17.30, Wynyard
8_x_12_Michelle_Miller_17.40_Main_St_Latrobe._Just_catching_the_last_of_the_setting_sun Michelle Miller, 17.40, Latrobe
Catching the last of the setting sun coming down the main street of Latrobe.
9_x_12_Marli_Capriles_Flour_Mill_Bay_East_Devonport_Sunset_at_the_beach Marli Capriles, 18.30, East Devonport
Sunset at the Beach
Starting a new life living in Devonport, I'm a young woman from Venezuela, who rescued a beautiful naughty dog from the kennel, where every day we enjoy walking and playing at the beach together.
9_x_12_Jo_Johnstone_17.43_Latrobe._Sunset Jo Johnstone, 17.43, Latrobe
We took the opportunity to go for a walk when the rain stopped around sunset and it was well worth it. The sky was a palette of colour - so beautiful.
9_x_12_Eunice_Atkins_18.04_Sunset_Temma._Fiery_clouds_as_the_sun_dips_into_the_sea Eunice Atkins, 18.04, Temma
Fiery clouds as the sun dips into sea
9_x_12_Rodney_Morse_18.00_Horse_Head_Creek_looking_back_towards_Kelcy_Tier Rodney Morse, 18.00, Horse Head Creek
Looking back towards Kelcey Tier
7_x_12_Louise_Daniels_18.28_Ulverstone Louise Daniels, 18.28, Ulverstone
I was taking a break from painting and am lucky to have this view from my studio.  It is the view across Ulverstone to the Dial Range with the setting sun.  The town and vehicle lights are on. I enjoy looking out at this time of day. 

Ian Bonde, Ulverstone
After a wet autumn day, the clouds receded
to reveal yet another beautiful Central Coast sunset.

9_x_12_Geoff_Blackburn_19.33_Gawler_Store_at_dusk Geoff Blackburn, 19.30, Gawler
Gawler Store after sun-set
During the day, the Gawler store seems very much part of its surroundings;
At night -
it becomes more like a beacon,
to locals, and for those that pass by. 
8_x_12_Lilly_Jenkins_21.53_Latrobe Lilly Jenkins, 21.53, Latrobe
The street light was shining on the wet ground and the raindrops on my lens were creating orbs in the photographs.
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