Friday 3 August - Sunday 2 September 2007
Artists: Nicola De Rooy, Patrick Greive, Lisa Garland, Kit Hiller, Kerry Martin and Yvonne Von Licthan




Coinciding with Tasmanian Living Artist Week, Plot featured six North West artists working in the fields of painting, photography, printmaking and beaded jewellery.

The exhibition provided an insight into the artists' close connection with their immediate environment, or ‘plot'. Individually, the art works were likened to 'pin points' on a map that when connected created a strong image of the North West region. In plotting this map, stories were revealed of a unique landscape - both wild and agricultural - and the people, flora and fauna that live there.

Plot Catalogue



Painting by Patrick Grieve  Print by Yvonne Von Litchen 
Patrick Grieve, 2007, Farmland coastal series # 35 (detail),
Oil on linen, 120 x 120 cm

 Yvonne Von Licthan, 2000, Spine Photographic (detail),
Etching on zinc, 17.5 x 7.5 cm

 painting by Kerry Martin  photograph by Lisa Garland
Kerry Martin, 2007, Looking Up Looking Down (detail),
Oil on canvas, 120 x 132 cm
Lisa Garland, 2007, Kym (detail),
Silver gelatin print 94 x 94cm



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