Friday 22 February - Sunday 23 March 2008
Artists: Jonathan Kimberley & Puralia Meenamatta (Jim Everett), Julie Gough, David Keeling, Bea Maddock, David Stephenson, Philip Wolfhagen, Richard Wastell 
Joint Asialink touring exhibition: Pakistan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand




From an island south was the first exhibition of Tasmanian art to tour internationally and the opening in Devonport celebrated the exhibition's return to Tasmania following a successful 18 month tour to venues in Pakistan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand. 

The Tasmanian landscape inspired all works in the exhibition which featured seven of Tasmania's most prominent artists. The exhibition considered the way each artist had established a successful career through knowing, observing and interpreting their homeland of Tasmania over time.

This project was supported by Asialink at the University of Melbourne, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the Images of Australia Branch, and the Australia Council for the arts, the Australian Government's arts funding and advisory body, the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments and the Devonport City Council.

From an island south, Catalogue

from an island south 1 from an island 2
From an island south, Installation From an island south, Installation
from an island south 3 from an island south 4
From an island south, Installation From an island south, Installation



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