Friday 18 January - Sunday 17 February 2008
Artists: Lucy Bleach, Trudi Brinckman, Fiona Lee, Mish Meijers, Anne Mestitz, Lucia Usmiani, Tricky Walsh



Sweet observations of an interior world collected the work of seven Tasmanian women and highlighted the connections that had unwittingly formed between them. Although these artists were trained in a diversity of backgrounds - architecture, sculpture, printmaking, painting and drawing - they had independently moved into installation, embracing the scope it allows for experimentation with materials and display. All art works in this exhibition were constructed using unorthodox materials sourced from domestic and familiar environments. These materials played a vital part in the meaning and intent of each piece.

Sweet observations of an interior world, Catalogue


Sweet observations 1 Sweet observations 2
Tricky Walsh, 2007, Memory Bank (detail),
Timber, perspex, balsa, and DVD
Mish Meijers, 2005, Byte, sugar cubes, 270 x 240cm
Sweet observations 3 Sweet observations 4
Sweet observations of an interior world, Installation image Trudi Brinckman, 2007,
Implements of Domestic Peace and War
Cellair museum identification tags


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