Artist: Jamin
2007 Devonport Regional Gallery Solo Commission


First we take Paris, then we take the World was an exciting new body of work made possible through the Devonport Regional Gallery's solo commission program. The commission provided Jamin with funding and space in which to express and shape significant ideas through the medium of paint. This exhibition presented the realms of war, peace, sedition, freedom and fear with humour and satire. In a political and social landscape often overwhelmed by an innate inability to laugh at itself, this body of work provided the viewer with an opportunity to reconsider the state of the world and its so-called leaders.

First we take Paris, then we take the world, Catalogue


first we take paris 1 first we take paris 2

First we take Paris, Installation image

First we take Paris, Installation image

first we take paris 3 first we take paris 4
 Jamin, 2007, Get the girl, kill the baddies,save the entire planet
(detail), Spray enamel on aluminium, 180 x 180cm 
Jamin, 2007, Closer (detail),
Spray enamel and oil on aluminium, 180 x 180cm



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