Friday 16 March - Sunday 15 April 2007
Curator: Dr Anne Morrison
Artists: Jon Cattapan, Sue Lovegrove, Jonathan Kimberley, Dorothy Napangardi and Judy Watson



Intimate and Distant Landscapes drew from the work of five Australian artists who used the process of painting as a means of rendering an experience of a particular place they were close to.  Each artist combined intimate and distant perspectives of landscape in their paintings evoking the kind of sensitivities that can only be conveyed through a deeply personal and poetic engagement with a familiar environment.  Their approach was founded upon a deep-rooted impulse - of knowing, placing, and unearthing unique and often subtle relationships within the landscape which unfolded to the viewer through careful examination of the detailed imagery.

Intimate and Distant Landscapes, Catalogue


 Painting by Jonathan Kimberly Painting by Dorothy Napangardi 

Jonathan Kimberley, 2005,
Interstices (Blue Tier) Cloudglyph 116 (detail),
Acrylic and charcoal on linen,
Four panels 182 x 182 cm (overall size)

Dorothy Napangardi, 2002,
Minyha Mina, Inland Sea (detail),
Acrylic on linen, 122 x 182 cm

 Painting by jon Cattapan installation image, intimate and distant landscapes 

Jon Cattapan, 1998-2001,
Red system no.3 (The third deadly system)
oil on canvas, 198 x 167.5cm

Intimate and Distant Landscapes, Installation image of works by
Judy Watson




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