Friday 16 November - Sunday 13 January 2008

Curator: Dr David Martin

Artists: Dr David Martin, Robert Vaudry (Bert) Robinson (1892-1953) and Albert Robinson (1918-75)



The 2007 Robinson Exhibition utilised negatives from the Collection to expand upon ideas about the role and conception of landscape.  While curating the exhibition, David Martin considered the landscape as both an external ‘place' that one exists within, and an internal place that exists within us.  Generally, the landscape is thought of as a place existing outside of and independent to the self, a vista that extends away from the self in space and time.  Instead, Martin used The road to here to propose that landscapes are not bound by features such as mountains and seashores, but are actually places within the self. 


The road to here, Catalogue



the road to here 1 the road to here 2
From the back seat of my father's car, 1956-9/2007,
series of black and white photographs, 40.6 x 50.8cm
Installation image from The road to here
the road to here 3 the road to here 4
Man Fern Man Fern Man Fern Man Man Fern (detail),
1936/2007, 72 toned gelatin photographs,
162 x  139cm
Tasmania the Natural State, 1941/2007,
Toned black and white photograph in Huon Pine frame,
25.6 x 41.8cm


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