Our 2019 season was launched in January and our season brochure is available from the paranaple arts centre, or you can download the 2019 paranaple Season E-Booklet here.


RACT Insurance Tasmanian Portrait Prize


23 November 2019 – 19 January 2020

Opening: Friday 22 November, 6pm

The prize, which started in 2008, is open to artists 30 years old and under, across many disciplines, with past award recipients working in mixed media, print, photography, painting, video and drawing. The objective of the award is to foster the development of emerging Tasmanian artists and provide an opportunity for the public to appreciate their talents. As well as an opportunity to exhibit their works in a professional exhibition in a state-wide tour, the award offers a monetary incentive to assist the artist in their endeavours. For more details on the prize and voting in the People’s Choice awards visit  www.taspp.com.au

 Images_Joel Parkinson (1) 

Image: 2018 WINNER Judges Commendation. Joel Parkinson, Elude, 2018. Photograph



Olly Read: Serene and Menacing

Poetic tensions inherent in the conscious experience of physical bodies


30 November 2019 – 5 January 2020

Olly Read


Serene and Menacing consists of material driven multimedia sculptural and video works exploring the metamorphic nature of flesh as being continually simultaneously formed, unformed, and deformed. Looking to tensions as reflecting the inherent poetic experience we have of our own bodies.

Image: Olly Read, I touch myself: suspended skin, 2019, soft sculpture (wood, fabric, fishing line, tacks, metal brackets).


Rust, Resin and Reality

Darryl Rogers


30 November 2019 – 5 January 2020

Darryl Rogers


Impermanence, permanence, transience and the timeless are symbolised in a series of 3D works where rust and resin are used as the primary sculptural medium. As a sort of physical manifestations of temporal extremes, these two materials in concert with assemblage, text and other detritus explore aspects of quantum physics, the metaphysical and other entangled bits of informed reality.

Image: Darryl Rogers, Dead Parrot, 2019, found object assemblage; drone, rust, mirror


Modern Sublime

Photographs from the Robinson Collection


7 December 2019 – 23 February 2020

MS 1  MS 2

Traditionally, the ‘sublime’ has referred to feelings of awe inspired by nature. However, in the 20th century, the notion of the industrial sublime emerged - the feeling of awe induced by machines, technology and progress. Modern Sublime explores this idea, with focus on the Edgell factory. Devonport was once the largest processor of peas in Tasmania, this playing a vital role in the economy of North West Tasmania. This exhibition traces the journey of the humble pea from harvest, to factory and store, through images which celebrate technology, machinery and production.

Images: Bert & Albert Robinson, Gordon Edgell and Sons Pty Ltd, 1961, The Robinson Collection, R13350 and 13350.1 

These images are used with the permission of Simplot Australia.













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