Our 2019 season was launched in January and our season brochure is available from the paranaple arts centre, or you can download the 2019 paranaple Season E-Booklet here.



On Belonging(s)

Artists: Alex Davern, Liam James, Amber Koroluk-Stephenson, Jessie Pangas
Curated by Erin Wilson

3 August - 22 September 2019

Official Opening: Friday 2 August, 6pm

On Belonging(s) brings together four Tasmania artists who are exploring how we attach value to objects, and the role they play in the stories we tell about ourselves, both individually and communally. On Belonging(s) is a reflection on how we construct our identity, connect ourselves to place and engage with our possessions, both nostalgically and idealistically, as extensions of the self.


Images: Liam James, A place to hold flowers (Pair) (detail), 2019, photographic cotton weave rug. Image courtesy of the artist.
Alex Davern, Night shift, 2019, pigment print on aluminium.




Tricky Walsh

28 September - 17 November

Official Opening: Friday 27 September, 6pm

Fundamentally we live in a two-dimensional world. Everything we see around us is flat images arranged on a continually shifting series of planes. It is Light and its movement around us which allows us to perceive three-dimensionality, or Solidness. It is Space and our movement through it which allows us to perceive four-dimensionality, or Time. Perhaps it is a combination of space and light which will allow us to perceive the next-to-be discovered dimension. Based on recent scientific discoveries about the actual potential 2-dimensional nature of our universe, (a string theory off shoot called the holographic principle) and with reference to the novel of the same name written in 1884 by Edwin Abbott Abbott, flatland is a geometric exploration of our universe.

Tricky Walsh is the recipient of the Devonport Regional Gallery’s 2019 Solo Commission.

Image: Tricky Walsh, the omega point, 2019, gouache and watercolour on paper.





Threads of Childhoods Past: Jennifer Frost & Jan Larcombe
Devonport Regional Gallery Emerging Artist Program - The Little Gallery

27 July - 1 September 2019

Official Opening: Friday 2 August, 6pm

In Threads of Childhoods Past, two artists with a shared childhood growing up in the remote area of Trowutta in the far North West coast of Tasmania in the 1950’s and early 1960’s have created art works based on their reflections of that time.


Left Image: Jan Larcombe, How may I help you, 2019, monoprinting and collage. Right Image: Jennifer Frost, Memories from within the post boxes 2, 2019, mixed media.



Shattered: Anne O'Connor
Devonport Regional Gallery Emerging Artist Program - The Little Gallery

7 September - 13 October 2019

Official Opening: Friday 6 September, 6pm

Shattered glass, graffiti, abandonment, the Royal Derwent is no more. As walls crumble and glass shatters, nothingness is left to signify the many who called this place home. Where are they, the lost, uprooted and vanished people of the Derwent?

Image: Anne O’Connor, Routine, Demolition, Exit, 2019, photograph. Image courtesy of the artist.





Here at the Earth's End

Curated by Erin Wilson

7 September - 24 November 2019

Official Opening: Friday 6 September, 6pm

Here at the Earth’s End features artists from the DCC permanent collection who act as both artists and activists through their practice, whether in relation to environmental, social or political issues of Tasmania’s past, present and future. These artists present the Tasmanian landscape as the site of human interactions, and as bearing the consequence of human actions.

*Title taken from Margaret Scott’s poem In Tasmania

Image: Matthew Newton, Moonbird boy 3, 2009 (from the series Moonbird boy), digital print. Image courtesy of the artist.












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