Our 2019 season was launched in January and our season brochure is available from the paranaple arts centre, or you can download the 2019 paranaple Season E-Booklet here.




Tricky Walsh

28 September - 17 November 2019 

Official Opening: Friday 27 September, 6pm

Fundamentally we live in a two-dimensional world. Everything we see around us is flat images arranged on a continually shifting series of planes. It is Light and its movement around us which allows us to perceive three-dimensionality, or Solidness. It is Space and our movement through it which allows us to perceive four-dimensionality, or Time. Perhaps it is a combination of space and light which will allow us to perceive the next-to-be discovered dimension. Based on recent scientific discoveries about the actual potential 2-dimensional nature of our universe, (a string theory off shoot called the holographic principle) and with reference to the novel of the same name written in 1884 by Edwin Abbott Abbott, flatland is a geometric exploration of our universe.

Tricky Walsh is the recipient of the Devonport Regional Gallery’s 2019 Solo Commission.

Image: Tricky Walsh, the omega point, 2019, gouache and watercolour on paper.




The Natural Estate

Laura Gillam, Joey Gracia and Callum Donoghue

19 October – 24 November 2019

In the peak of Tasmania’s tourism boom, The Natural Estate explores the alternate narratives and landscapes neglected by glossy pamphlets and travel magazines. It questions the popular representations of Tasmania as an island of dreams and possibilities, abundant with pristine wilderness and fine wine. Simultaneously, and on the contrary Tasmania is depicted as the ‘freeloading’ state, defined by statistics reporting on high crime, unemployment, teen pregnancies and growing homelessness. In The Natural Estate, three Tasmanian artists use their experiences of growing up in regional towns to question the schisms and parallels between these two defining narratives.

Joey Gracia, Green Day 2, digital prints on paper


Image: Joey Gracia, Green Day 2, digital prints on paper. Image courtesy of the artist.












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