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The Devonport Regional Gallery Education Program provides students of all ages with thought-provoking and inspirational experiences that address key components of the Arts Curriculum. It is also designed to meet the aims of the Australian Curriculum for the learning area of the Arts, allowing an exploration of making and responding.

Making art engages students’ cognition, imagination, senses and emotions in conceptual and practical ways and involves them thinking kinaesthetically, critically and creatively. They learn to explore possibilities across diverse art forms, solve problems, experiment with techniques, materials and technologies.

Responding in each arts subject involves students responding to, analysing, interpreting and evaluating artworks they experience. Students reflect on their own experiences as audience members and begin to understand how artworks represent ideas through expression, symbolic communication and cultural traditions and rituals.

(Australian Curriculum, 2018).

 Based on the Gallery’s current exhibitions and programs, floor talks and workshops are designed to give students the tools to think and talk about what they see and create. Students are provided with the opportunity to view art works, discuss similarities and differences, investigate meanings behind works, use their imagination, develop and articulate opinions, and build an understanding of the world around them.


Depending on the exhibition, the education program addresses one or more key components of areas across the curriculum. Specific details are provided to schools prior to each exhibition opening via  the education newsletter.


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1,2,3...Create uses music, art and sensory play to create a fun, educational program for children aged 1–4 years with their carers and parents. The program provides a stimulating environment in the gallery setting for young children to socialise and connect with art objects and ideas through music, movement, play and art making.

The program is presented once a month and is tailored to complement the different exhibitions on display.

When: monthly. View upcoming session dates and times here.


‘Have Art, will Travel’

have art will travel

Devonport Regional Gallery Comes to You

Visits to schools – These workshops are available for your school/community during November/December 2018.

Bookings Essential [email protected]).


When: By appointment. View current sessions on offer here.



Floor Talks & Workshops

Floor talks range from 10 to 30 minutes and involve a walk around the current exhibition with Gallery staff. Sessions are interactive, casual and informative, and provide a stimulating learning environment that encourages students to look at art works and generate hypotheses, understand relationships and make emotional responses to the works.


The workshops are 60-minute interactive sessions that are customised to the current exhibition’s themes, techniques and/or ideas. The aim of each workshop is to inspire students to think and experiment with different materials and approaches to art making. Students are firstly led through a discussion about the current exhibition, encouraging them to explore, reflect, understand connections, and communicate their emotions and opinions of the art works. Students are then guided through a hands-on experimental and skills-based activity within the gallery space using a range of materials and techniques relevant to the particular exhibition.

When: By appointment. View current list of programs for primary and secondary.




Creative Learning and Public Programs Officer - Debbie Qadri
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P. (03) 6420 2900 


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