Our 2019 season was launched in January and our season brochure is available from the paranaple arts centre, or you can download the 2019 paranaple Season E-Booklet here.



 On Belonging(s)

Artists: Alex Davern, Liam James, Amber Koroluk-Stephenson, Jessie Pangas
Curated by Erin Wilson

3 August - 22 September 2019

On Belonging(s) brings together four Tasmania artists who are exploring how we attach value to objects, and the role they play in the stories we tell about ourselves, both individually and communally. On Belonging(s) is a reflection on how we construct our identity, connect ourselves to place and engage with our possessions, both nostalgically and idealistically, as extensions of the self.

Image: Jessie Pangas, Inhabit, 2018. Soil, found armchair and curtain. IMage by Lauren McKinnon Photography.





Threads of Childhoods Past: Jennifer Frost & Jan Larcombe
Devonport Regional Gallery Emerging Artist Program - The Little Gallery

27 July - 1 September 2019

Two artsists with a shared childhood growing up in the remote area of Trowutta in th efar North West coast of Tasmania in the 1950s and early 1960s have created artworks based on their reflections of that time.

Exploring types of memories and their strong connection to family, place and values was central to the creation of these works.

This exhibition will also invite the viewer to engage with fragments and senses of their own childhood memories.


Image: Curiosity Cabinet, 2019, Jennifer Frost 













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