Saturday 14 March - Sunday 26 April
Curator: Vicki West
Artists: Lola Greeno, Lorna Riley & Denise Ava Robinson



Re-earthing was an exhibition curated by Vicki West that showcased the responses of three Tasmanian Aboriginal artists to social, political and environmental issues within the state.

Tasmanians have a reputation for openly challenging and debating environmental practices within Tasmania. However, despite this, many current industry practices are believed to threaten Tasmanian Aboriginal culture – a culture built upon respect for and responsibility to the land. Through installation and painting, artists Lola Greeno, Lorna Riley and Denise Ava Robinson reflect on their relationship to place in a globalised and industrialised world.

The Official Ten Days on the Island opening was on the 28th of March at 2pm followed by Free@3?. 


 Re-Earthing Re-Earthing

Re-Earthing: Contemporary Aboriginal Art Exhibition

Denise Ava Robinson, Land Bleeds

 Re-Earthing Re-Earthing

Re-Earthing: Contemporary Aboriginal Art Exhibition

Lola Greeno, Mannina (detail)


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