03.11.2018 - 27.01.2019

City of Devonport National Art Award Finalists’ Exhibition will open at the Devonport Regional Gallery, at the paranaple arts centre, on Friday 2 November and continues until Sunday 27 January 2019.

The $15,000 major acquisitive award is open to artists who reside in Australia. The award is sponsored by the Devonport City Council, and the Devonport Regional Gallery Friends Committee’s Peoples’ Choice Award will be announced at the close of the exhibition and the artist will receive $1000, courtesy of One Agency Collins Real Estate.

The announcement of the winning artist will be made at the opening on Friday 2 November 2018.

Convention and Arts Centre Director Geoff Dobson said Tidal aimed to encourage contemporary practice with strength of concept, innovation and execution of two-dimensional artwork.

He said the theme was open to a range of interpretations be it personal, environmental, political or of cultural nature.






3 November 2018 – 24 February 2019   

The Robinson Collection contains over 100,000 photographic negatives capturing the social, domestic and commercial life in the North West region during the 20th century.

The Robinson Project* has opened this extensive collection to members of the Devonport community, who have explored the archive, selected negatives that resonate with them, and recorded oral histories elicited by these photographs.

In Your Words will bring together thirty photographs selected by nine members of the Devonport community, presented alongside oral history excerpts, both text and audio, through which they share their memories and stories of the region, in their own words.

*The Robinson Project is a series of collaborative curatorial projects involving community members and Curator Erin Wilson.


Download the In Your Words digital exhibition catalogue here:

Catalogue - In Your Words - The Robinson Project


R2351     R4844.1

That’s the Ovaltine factory! I distinctly remember going into the reception area at the front on the days that I had pocket money to spend on the way home from school… I think from memory it was sixpence. And I used to go into the Ovaltine factory and bother the girls behind the reception desk for a tube of Ovaltine tablets… They were beautiful.

- Pat

Image: Bert & Albert Robinson, A Wander Pty Ltd - Ovaltine factory, Quoiba, n.d. The Robinson Collection, R2351


The Luck Brothers, god bless them, they were lovely to work for. They owned Devonport and half of Burnie, but they’d just walk in like anyone else and talk to you, like ‘how’s football going?’. You felt like it was your place you were working at… Not just working for Luck Brothers and F. H. Haines, you felt you was it.

- Joe

Image: Bert & Albert Robinson, Luck Brothers Pty Ltd, Devonport, 1943. The Robinson Collection, R4844.1.







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