From Here To There


Celebrating over three decades of Devonport Regional Gallery at 45 Stewart Street


25 August – 30 September 2018


After its beginnings in 1966 in Jean Thomas’ Little Gallery, in 1984 the Devonport Regional Gallery opened its doors in the former Baptist Church on Stewart Street. In this final exhibition before the DRG relocation to the paranaple Arts Centre, we look back on the exhibitions, collection, people and events that have shaped the Devonport Regional Gallery. Join us in celebration of the last 34 years of Devonport Regional Gallery at Stewart Street, and share both your memories of the Gallery and your ideas for its future.


Allan_Francis_Baptist_Church_once_Art_Gallery_now_1987_from_Homes_of_Devon_6_Open_House_bw_photograph_DCC_Permanent_Collection_acc._1987.029. Bert_Robinson_Studio_Robinson_Collection_Circa_1930_DCC_Permanent_Collectionedited



Allan Francis, Baptist Church once; Art Gallery now 1987, from Homes of Devon 6: Open House, b&w photograph, DCC Permanent Collection, acc. 1987.029

Courthouse, Devonport, n.d. The Robinson Collection, R5844, DCC Permanent Collection



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25 August – 30 September 2018

The Little Gallery Project Space & Middle Gallery

Kelly Slater

Mersey Bluff: The Marks That Make The Place.


Through my time spent exploring Mersey Bluff, I have begun to understand how inevitable it is that humans mark the landscapes they inhabit.

Shallow or deep, the imprint of human activity can be seen across the surfaces of Mersey Bluff. Permanent or ephemeral, the marks, structures and spaces that have developed, reflect how strongly people have been drawn to this Place.

Each person will make their own connections to a place, influenced by the things that they see, hear and experience, and the things they remember and imagine. Every time I go to Mersey Bluff my experience is different, the landscape and the sense of place is always changing.  Sometimes I feel content and curious about the things that I see and experience ­– other times I have been distressed and sad.

I hope people will view these images and consider the legacy of the marks we as a community leave on this Place and how they will be experienced by generations to come.

We belong to this earth. We leave our experiences in the land; it is the layers of experiences ­– both natural and constructed, which create places.


Image #1: Kelly Slater, from Mersey Bluff: The Marks That Make The Place series, digital photograph, 2016

Image #2: Kelly Slater, from Mersey Bluff: The Marks That Make The Place series, digital photograph, 2016




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