2016 Finalists Exhibition



The Tidal: City of Devonport National Art Award 2016 Finalists Exhibition is the Devonport Regional Gallery’s premier exhibition, opening Friday 25 November, 6.30 pm.  

The national acquisitive award with a major prize of $15,000 attracts artists at various stages in their careers from across Australia. The 22 finalists were selected by two nationally recognised art experts, Jane Devery Curator of Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Victoria, and Jane Stewart, Principal Curator of Art at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

The works in the 2016 Finalists Exhibition each demonstrate excellence in conception, innovation and execution; reflecting upon the myriad perspectives and challenges inherent within the interconnections of land and sea.

“We are always amazed at the standard and diversity of responses to the interpretation of tidal” said Gallery Director Ellie Ray. “Our natural surrounds – our waters and coastal regions – are often taken for granted. This year’s tidal finalists have in varied ways, researched and developed art works that highlight the value of our natural resources for both survival and enjoyment.



Julie Fragar was presented the $15,000 Tidal: City of Devonport National Art Award 2016 by Mayor Steve Martin for her work Antonio Departs Flores on the Whaling Tide at the 2016 Finalists Exhibition on Friday 25 November. Antonio Departs Flores on the Whaling Tide is a richly layered painting that contains multiple images and references. The Brisbane-based artist, Julie Fragar, made the work after travelling to the Azores Islands in Portugal. Here, her ancestor Antonio, aged 12, ventured onto a whaling ship in 1850 – arriving in Australia 6 years later.

“Julie’s painting captures the wild adventure in a way which brings the present and the past together. The historic narrative reminds us of the continuing patterns of migration that reflect Australia today and is a compelling response to the ‘tidal’ theme.” said Tidal 2016 judges Jane Stewart and Jane Devery.


Image credit: Julie Fragar, Antonio Departs Flores on the Whaling Tide, 2016, oil on board



Visitors are encouraged to vote for their favourite work in the People's Choice Award. The winning artist will receive $1,000, courtesy of Collins Real Estate, and will be announced at the close of the exhibition in January.



Diane Allison, Louisa Bufardeci, Janet Bush, Alex Davern, Julie Fragar, Joey Gracia, Helga Groves, Katherine Hattam, Liam James, Anthony Johnson, Amber Koroluk-Stephenson, Michael Muruste, Penny Mason, Sara Manser, Tess Campbell, Troy Ruffels, David Stephenson & Martin Walch, Evelyn Vyhnal, Megan Walch, Matt Warren, Carole Wilson, Anne Zahalka



Tidal was first launched in 2004, and since 2010 has been a $15,000 acquisitive award. As a result, three Tidal Award recipients work to date have become a part of the Devonport City Council’s Permanent Collection.

The recipient of the first acquisitive Tidal Award in 2010 was Hobart based photographer and cinematographer Matthew Newton, for his digital print Moonbird boy 3 In 2012, Launceston based artist Paul Snell was the recipient of the second acquisitive Tidal Award for his work Elliptic # 201201. The third and most recent acquisitive Tidal Award in 2014 was presented to yet another Tasmanian artist, Hobart based Joel Crosswell, for his work Galaxias.




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