Curated by Robert Buratti

A touring exhibition exploring the esoteric

Opening Friday 4 April, 6 pm

Artists: James Gleeson, Aleister Crowley, Rosaleen Norton, Alex Proyas, Kenneth Anger, Jeff Martin, NOKO performance group, Collective 777, Barry William Hale and Danie Mellor

This landmark exhibition addresses the current international interest in esoteric art and includes major Australian artists such as James Gleeson whose works will be re-examined in the context of their esoteric influences. This unique exhibition will also include key works by the English occultist Aleister Crowley, Rosaleen Norton, Alex Proyas, filmmaker Kenneth Anger, musician Jeff Martin, NOKO performance group, Collective 777, Barry William Hale & Danie Mellor. Windows to the Sacred is a national touring exhibition presented in association with Buratti Fine Art.





James Gleeson

James Gleeson, The wheel has come full circle, 2005, mixed media on paper, 80 x 60 cm



Link to Windows to the Sacred Website




Permanent Collection Corner

A new initiative from the Devonport Regional Gallery

Devonport Regional Gallery is proud to launch the ‘Permanent Collection Corner’, where items from our diverse permanent collection will be showcased over the coming year.

The Devonport Regional Gallery’s permanent collection is a rich and diverse repository. Comprising of over 22,000 accessioned items acquired since 1973, it includes textiles, ceramics, glass, sculpture, paintings and works on paper by iconic Australian and Tasmanian artists.

The pinnacle of the collection is the well-known Robinson Collection of photographic negatives, while the gallery also holds the Moon Collection of nineteenth century textiles and decorative arts, and a large number of watercolours and paintings by renowned North-West Coast artist Owen Lade.

Other notable works include that of David Boyd, John Olsen, Clifton Pugh, Lloyd Rees, George Lambert, John Coburn, Edith Holmes, Dorothy Stoner, Bea Maddock, Pat Brassington, Gwyn Hanssen Piggot, Christopher Pyett, Grahame King, Ray Arnold, Les Blakebrough and Philip Wolfhagen.

The Permanent Collection Corner will display a work to coincide with each exhibition in the main gallery, showcasing pieces in their own right and promoting the collection during the relocation project.


Hermie Cornelisse


Purchased by Devonport Regional Gallery with DCC Acquisition Funds 2006–2007

Ceramic pieces undergo a fascinating process which is not always visible on display. This piece was shown at the gallery in 2007 with the base of the top piece acting as a ‘roof’, the way the artist intended. For this show we decided to reverse it and test its title while also revealing its underside.



Herme Cornelisse

Hermie Cornelisse, Reversible, 2006, glazed stoneware, 39 x 32 cm



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