11 MAY – 16 JUNE

Testing Ground

A Salamanca Arts Centre exhibition toured by CAST

Curator: Julie Gough

Artists: The 1491s, Ólöf Björnsdóttir, Trudi Brinckman, Darren Cook, Rebecca Dagnall, Sue Kneebone, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Jeroen Offerman, Perdita Phillips, r e a, Keren Ruki, Christian Thompson, Martin Walch, Siying Zhou

Opening Friday 10 May, 6 pm

In Conversation with the curator: Saturday 11 May, 12 pm


Testing Ground is a compilation of investigative insights on the nature of identity and persona, with particular regard to place. The exhibition consists of large and intimate scale projection and screen-based works, photography and sculpture.



continental drift

Sue Kneebone, Continental Drift I, 2012, Giclee print, 80 x 65 cm



Testing Ground Catalogue

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