Devonport Regional Gallery




Visits to schools – These workshops are available for your school/community during November/December 2018, Bookings Essential([email protected]). 


In Your Words, The Robinson Project  

Exhibitions of the Robinson Collection draw from 100,000 photographic negatives taken by local photographers Bert and Albert Robinson in the mid-nineteenth Century. The Robinson Project: In Your Words includes the voices of nine community members talking about photographs that they have chosen from the collection. The exhibition is accompanied by a digital resource which can be used in the classroom. Your ‘Have Art, will Travel’ visit will include physical copies of the photographs for children to handle and discuss.  

Then and Now - Same or Different?  

Drawing on what you see in the photographs and what the community members have spoken about, can you think of which things remain the same and what has changed? Write or speak your own response to one of the photos in the exhibition. 

 Interpretation and Response
This workshop can include your choice of writing, speaking and voice recording activities. Students respond to the photographs by presenting to the rest of the group. They could present to the class in pairs, one person holding the chosen photograph whilst the other speaks. Students can also bring their own photographs to the workshop for other people to respond to. 


*Please note that there are other photographs from the Robinson Collection which can be brought to your community to share. These include themes of sports, social activities and buildings and aspects of local history.  

(Curriculum context - literacy: speaking and listening, reading, viewing, writing and creating; Arts: communicate ideas and feelings, explore, express and communicate ideas, social learning; History: understanding the experiences, beliefs and values of people from the past and present, develop a deeper and broader comprehension of the world in which we live). 


Curious Creatures 

The waters around us are home to many creatures and the effects of climate change and human intervention, often place the habitats and health of these creatures at risk. A  discussion about our relationship to these creatures is followed by a workshop where students can participate in drawing a creature to contribute to a public art mural on the paranaple arts centre wall as part of the Tidal Festival January 2019 (artworks can be photographed so that students can keep the original). 

(Curriculum context – Science: People use science to care for their environment, living things have basic needs; Social Sciences: The impact that settlement has on the environs; Arts: communicate ideas and feelings, explore, express and communicate ideas) 


Seas of Poetry 

Discuss to draw, paint and write words about our relationship with the sea and coastline. Artworks, words and phrases can be contributed to a collaborative poetry installation. (The installation can be displayed at your community, but we also invite you to have it displayed as part of the Tidal Festival January 2019). 

(Curriculum context -  Literacy: speaking, listening, reading, viewing, writing and creating, aesthetic texts, explore, express and communicate ideas, Arts: communicate ideas and feelings; Science: climate change and its effects, the changing earth). 


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