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The Robinson Collection comprises over 20,000 photographic negatives and was purchased by the Devonport City Council in 1993.  The images, which vary in subject from portraits to land-scapes, street-scapes and crowd-scapes, were taken by Bert Robinson and his son Albert. Bert established the photographic business in Devonport in 1927.  Following his death in 1953, his son Albert carried on the studio until he died suddenly in 1975, when the business ceased to operate.

The Gallery continues to present a series of exhibitions which interpret the Robinson Collection using a contemporary point of view, reprinting selected negatives from the collection in large format, in some cases using old photographic techniques to achieve tones and effects in keeping with the production of photographs during the Robinsons' era. The Robinson Collection serves as a valuable resource for interpreting past social and political events on the North-West Coast, while providing an insight into the history of photographic practice.

Image: Robinson Collection, Photograph of Len Campbell, Mascot of the Latrobe Football Club, 1937 

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